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My Tribute to Steve Jobs

Nathan Chan

Every person has their idols: the people they look up to. One of mine was Steve Jobs. He was a leader, an innovator, a game changer, and someone I deeply respected. One might ask, "why would a musician look up to a businessman?" I believe there are some universal characteristics that make incredible people who they are and what they represent. When someone is passionate for the love of their craft, you can tell and you can feel it in your bones and your core. Steve Jobs resonated with my core in that I saw these things so intensely in his soul. 

In many ways, his presence on earth helped shape me. I became fascinated with technology and liberal arts because of him. My presence on the internet would not have existed without his inspiration and my subsequent motivation to go out and change the world. 

Because of these things, I choose to pay tribute to Steve Jobs in the way I know best: through music. Bach's Cello Suite No. 5 - Sarabande.