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The story behind me playing the cello in an Apple Store...

Nathan Chan

Ah so let me tell you the story of how this happened. My friend and I brought cellos into the Upper West Side Apple Store in New York City after a rehearsal at Juilliard. My friend had just bought an iPhone 4S and she was looking to buy a case. We finally picked one out and while checking out, an employee saw our cellos and said he would give us a iPhone 4S case for free if I played the cello. I called his bluff, and this is what happened.


Unfortunately, just as I started playing, he said "Wait, no I can't actually give you the case!" But I said, "I don't care!" and kept playing on! I didn't actually have a camera on me at the time, but a Genius Bar employee came downstairs from the first floor and started recording me on his iPhone! He sent me the footage later in an email and then I uploaded the footage just for you guys on YouTube!