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The First Mobile App Music Video: Bump Symphony

Nathan Chan


Hey there! Nathan Chan here. For this blog post I wanted to share an amazing project that was really meaningful to me. During a meeting, I was given the task of creating a short video that was Bump related with the goal of getting as many views as possible.

In order to tell you about this project, I have to tell you a little about myself. As a musician and a human being, I have always been looking for something that really intrigued me outside of music. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I really became interested in marketing, technology and social networking. The thing that really got me interested in this video project was my intrigue towards the marriage of music and technology. At Bump, I was given the intellectual and creative freedom to really explore this idea. What an opportunity!

While brainstorming with co-worker and colleague Bernardo Nunez, we thought of many many different ideas. We imagined a video that began with an asteroid colliding into the earth, then evolved into cavemen hitting stones, then Spartans colliding, etc. etc. until it eventually morphed into two people bumping fists using the Bump app. After much thinking, we realized this probably wasn’t the most feasible option. However, the alternate plan turned out to be an even more meaningful and interesting video, especially for me. Bernardo came up with the idea to create a music video that utilized Bump sounds. As a cellist and a musician, I had always wanted to experiment with this idea of creating music with video and technology. The opportunity was ripe and my brain juices were definitely flowing. By utilizing sounds and sights in my environment, we created an aurally and visually pleasing video in the spirit of Bump called Bump Symphony. Check it out below!