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A pleasure to be associated with Charlotte White's Salon de Virtuosi!

Nathan Chan

Earlier last month I had the pleasure of becoming one of the 2015 grant winners of Charlotte White's Salon de Virtuosi, which is an intimate but important concert series that takes place in New York. Throughout the year, the Salon hosts a series of concerts featuring young musicians. At the end of the year, the board of the Salon chooses 5 of the performers to receive grants for that year.

It was an absolute honor to be named the winner of the Helen Roosevelt Grant for 2015. I am very proud to be associated with Ms. White and take great pride in having been able to experience and be a small part of her life. She is an amazing human being and is a huge testament to the power of music to the body and soul. I encourage you to check out this amazing article about her life story and her impact on her community. Talk to you again soon!