Nathan is perhaps one of the most inspiring human beings that I’ve come across in the last two decades. It never ceased to amaze me how blessed, generously gifted and humble he is. I can’t wait to do other things with him. He is destined for big success.
— Roberta Flack
In Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme, Chan’s rich cello tone and empathy for the work’s delicacy were evident throughout
— South China Morning Post
The Music in Me is at once cheerfully hopeful and downright awe-inspiring. Nathan Chan, an 11-year-old cellist, performs Saint-Saens’s ‘Swan’ so plaintively that it calls to mind the human voice.
— The New York Times
Photo: Mike Grittani

Photo: Mike Grittani

Nathan was a joy to watch. This young man obviously loves what he does... he exuded the most passion while performing. Parallels with Yo Yo Ma? You bet!
— JustWatchLah (Singapore)

At 23, and with a small frame and Harry Potter-ish glasses, Chan at first looks like a high-school kid who sneaked into the symphony. But once Chan starts to play, he brings a wide, rich tone, and you can hear why he’s one of conductor Ludovic Morlot’s most exciting recent hires.
— Seattle Times
Photo: Brandon Patoc

Photo: Brandon Patoc

…a full, rich sound. His forte is his preternatural engagement with music. His sense of style in three of Schumann’s Fantasiestucke and Chopin’s Introduction and Polonaise Brilliante was developed and slyly sophisticated, yet something apparently innate.
— The Vancouver Sun
Aged 15, Nathan Chan, from San Francisco, was the oldest hand, his Dvorák Cello Concerto in B minor a remarkably assured reading. He managed the scurrying scale passages with aplomb but where the musicality really shone was in the spacious feel he gave the long, yearning melody – rhapsodic, intense and completely convincing.
— The Journal (UK)
...expansive gestures [that] revealed a deep musicality with his interpretation of the Elgar concerto.
— San Francisco Classical Voice